Roundup: 3 Cricketeers Visits the Minnesota State Fair!

This year, 3 Cricketeers was invited to the Minnesota State Fair to showcase edible cricket goodies, host cooking demonstrations, and spread the good word about the tasty, tiny powerhouse that is edible crickets.


We were in the Cambria Kitchen in the Creative Arts Building ALL DAY LONG on August 23rd! It was a gorgeous space for people to watch demonstrations about how to cook with crickets and how to taste them, too. And yes, we had to make crickets on a stick - it’s the State Fair!!!

If you missed us on your local small screen, here’s some of our features (television and otherwise) from our State Fair experience. Thanks to everyone who took the time to chat with us, learn about crickets, and try some of our goodies (cricket protein balls, anyone??)


During one of our demonstrations, we were joined by superstar chef Gustavo Romero (pictured above at Travail Kitchen and Amusements, where he took up residency at KUA during August) for 3 delicious tastings including a soup, fritter and tostada. We’re incredibly grateful to Gustavo for sharing his entire day with us to help spread the word that haute cuisine, Mexican food, and bugs aren’t incompatible.

We’re so grateful to every single person who took the time to stop by and spend time with us. Stay tuned for more updates and State Fair pictures on our Facebook page here: The fun is just beginning!

-Chad & Claire

Chad Simons